North Northamptonshire Retail Capacity Update – Household Survey

Closed 30 Nov 2022

Opened 9 Nov 2022


The Council has commissioned specialist consultants Nexus Planning to carry out a Retail Capacity Update, which is a study that will give a better understanding of how and where people like to shop, spend their leisure time and use their town centres.

This research into the shopping and leisure habits of people in North Northamptonshire will help shape future planning policies and strategies for town centres and help to ensure that town centres within North Northamptonshire are supported to adapt to changing trends and recover strongly from the pandemic.

As part of the study there will be a telephone survey which will involve around 1,300 households in the area over the next few weeks. The methodology for choosing households to contact involves separating North Northamptonshire into zones with random households selected within each zone to ensure the survey reflects a representative sample of residents living across North Northamptonshire.

Survey questions will ask things like: “Where did you last do your main food and grocery shopping?”; “How often does your household do a main food and grocery shop”?”; “Where did you last buy other goods such as home furnishings, recreational items, DIY goods etc.?”

The survey will be conducted by NEMS Market Research and should take approximately six or seven minutes to complete. Most approaches will be made outside normal working hours to make sure working households can take part. No personal information will be collected other than age and gender. Any information provided will be used in statistical form only, so that it will not be possible for people to be identified from their answers.

If you would like to know more about the study, then please contact the Planning Policy team at


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