Have your say on the future of sport and leisure in North Northamptonshire

Closed 15 Sep 2023

Opened 25 Jul 2023

Feedback updated 10 Jan 2024

We asked

As part of the Active Communities Framework Consultation residents were invited to have their say on the future provision of sport and leisure in North Northamptonshire Council area via completion of an online community survey.

You said

656 residents completed the community survey. 

We did

The results of the community survey are being analysed by Max Associates (consultants) together with other survey results which were sent and completed by; National Governing Bodies (Sport), Schools, Town and Parish Councils, Voluntary Sector and Sports Clubs.  Workshops and consultations with external partners/stakeholders and North Northamptonshire Councillors also took place.

The draft report from Max Associates will be considered by the Steering Group in February 2024 and a final report will be taken to the Council in August 2024. We will update you after this time.


North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) is reviewing how sport, physical activity and leisure meets the needs, and delivers health and wellbeing benefits, for residents in local communities. The review will support the creation of a Leisure Strategic Framework that will shape the way these services are delivered in the future to support the wellbeing of our communities.

To create the Leisure Strategic Framework NNC has commissioned Max Associates to look at three areas:

Active Communities - to provide outcomes for people, places, and partnerships to ensure residents have increased opportunities to be more active and build healthier active communities.

Leisure Facilities – an assessment of current use and future needs, focussing on quantity and quality in relation to supply and demand.

Playing Pitches – an assessment of current use and future needs, focussing on quantity and quality in relation to supply and demand.

The framework will align to the Council’s vision for North Northamptonshire of “A place where everyone has the best opportunities and quality of life.”

A key element of the framework is to seek the views of residents, build partnerships with local stakeholders and increase the understanding of the impact that leisure, physical activity and sport has for the North Northamptonshire community, where they live, their health outcomes, general wellbeing and to determine the best use of all resources.

What are we doing?

  • Community Survey
  • National Governing Body Survey
  • Schools/Education Surveys
  • Sports Club Survey
  • Town & Parish Council Survey
  • Volunteer Sector Survey
  • Stakeholder workshops

If you are a resident of North Northamptonshire, you can have your say and share your views by completing the Community Survey via the link at the bottom of the page, where you will find more information and future updates. This survey closes at midnight, 15 September 2023.

NNC will be in touch with other groups to complete relevant surveys.


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