Local Air Quality Strategy - have your say

Closed 7 Apr 2024

Opened 11 Mar 2024


All Local Authorities in England have been requested by the Department of Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to publish a Local Air Quality Strategy.

The draft Local Air Quality Strategy contains a list of proposed measures that North Northamptonshire Council are taking, and will take in the future, to maintain and improve good air quality in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Measures include:

  • Promoting and providing infrastructure for electric vehicles and active travel
  • Dealing with traffic congestion
  • Bus improvement plan
  • Carbon management measures
  • Domestic burning restrictions
  • Taxi licencing policy for NetZero vehicles

The Draft Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) supports the aims and objectives of the Local Air Quality Strategy.

We are seeking feedback from residents and stakeholders on both documents, which can be viewed below, to ensure air quality throughout North Northamptonshire is maintained at safe concentrations.

For more information about air quality and our monitoring results visit the Air Quality page of the NNC website.

DEFRA is responsible for monitoring fine particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) across England and more information is available on their webpage DEFRA | Fine Particles.

The existing East Midlands Air Quality SPD has been updated and provides guidance on what needs to be submitted when a planning application is made in North Northamptonshire.

Feedback is welcomed on the initiatives published in both documents. You are also encouraged to provide ideas for improving air quality.

If you would like to make any comments or share ideas relating to the Draft Local Air Quality Strategy or Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document you can do so via email at: envprotection@northnorthants.gov.uk

Or post to:

Air Quality Consultation
Environmental Protection Team
North Northamptonshire Council
Sheerness House
41 Meadow Road
NN16 8TL

A summary of responses will be considered to inform whether changes should be made to the draft Local Air Quality Strategy and Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document and proposed final versions considered by Executive for adoption.

This consultation closes at midnight, 7 April 2024.


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  • Environmental health