Parent-Infant Relationship services - Parents/Families' Survey

Closed 30 Nov 2022

Opened 24 Oct 2022


Public Health Northamptonshire would like your help in sharing  your views as parents/carers/family/friends to develop a new service across North and West Council areas.

The "parent-infant relationship" (also known as attachment and bonding) is at the heart of healthy development for babies; we know that supporting these relationships, especially those between parents and children, will also support the emotional wellbeing of babies and is therefore an important way to invest in the future.          

We would like to know about your experience of parent/carer support services in the area - please consider all the services you are aware of, or have used, or where you know of the experience of someone who has used them (either locally or elsewhere).

This survey will explore what your experience has been in accessing advice and support to help you improve your relationship with your baby/child, and whether there is any extra support you would like for parents, carers or families to help improve the emotional and mental wellbeing and development of babies/children.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete and is made up of 23 questions with single or multiple choice answers. Please be advised that some of the questions may touch upon sensitive or emotional subject matters.

For information about how consultation and engagement responses are managed, please see the consultation and engagement privacy notice.


Why your views matter

We'd like feedback from parents and families about their experiences and knowledge of local services, or organisations, that support parent-infant relationships (attachment and bonding) in Northamptonshire.

Your feedback will be used to understand what is (or is not) working, and what can be done to improve the support that is available to parents/carers and their families.


What happens next

We will use the feedback from our consultation and engagement work to help shape and improve parent-infant relationship (bonding and attachment) support services in Northamptonshire.

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