North Northamptonshire Draft Corporate Plan 2021-25 consultation

Closed 3 Oct 2021

Opened 6 Sep 2021


North Northamptonshire Council is working on its first ever Corporate Plan. The Corporate Plan sets out the Council’s vision, values, key commitments and priorities for the future.

The Corporate Plan also aims to provide clarity about what the Council is about, where it wants to go, and, when the draft plan is complete, it will provide an overview of the actions the Council will take to help make its vision a reality.

We would like your views on the draft Corporate Plan at this stage in its development. To help, we have produced a summary of the draft plan to help focus attention.

Our draft summary Corporate Plan (PDF 175KB), which sits on one page, contains:

  • Our long-term vision for the area, which is: North Northamptonshire: A place where everyone has the best  opportunities and quality of life. 
  • A set of seven values which explain how we will provide services in the future.
  • Six key commitments that aim to ensure that we take a broad focus of what is important to the future of the area.

We identified our draft vision, values, and commitments from information that stakeholders told us about when preparations were being made for our new Council in 2020.

Why your views matter

We are now seeking views on the draft summary Corporate Plan.  

We would like you to tell us:

  • If you think that we have got the vision right
  • If the values we have for the Council are the right ones
  • If the key commitments and priorities we are making are correct
  • And, how you would want the Council to stay connected with you in the future

Your feedback on this consultation is very important to us. All consultation feedback will be analysed and considered and will help the Council make a final decision on the Corporate Plan, which is due to be considered for adopting in December 2021.

The formal adoption of the Corporate Plan provides a clear basis on which the Council can make subsequent policy decisions, develop other strategies and linked action plans. For the Council to achieve and deliver its vision we will need to continue to have an open dialogue with you and stay connected with you well past the closing date of this consultation exercise.

This consultation will last 4 weeks.

Related documents

Please read the draft summary Corporate Plan (PDF 175KB) to gain a better understanding of our draft vision, values and key commitments and priorities before you comment on them.

We have also produced some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF 467KB) and an Equality Screening Assessment (PDF 330KB).

Have your say

Please tell us your views by completing this questionnaire. You do not have to answer all of the questions or give us your feedback on every section.

If you do not wish to answer a question or give feedback on a specific section, then you can skip those questions and move on to the next section.

Your feedback will be part of a report with many other people’s feedback, so you will not be personally identified.

You can also email or send your comments in by post using the contact details below.

You can also hold your own group disscusion with others, and provide your joint feedback either by completing the Group Facilitator’s Feedback Form or by downloading the PDF version below and emailing or posting the form back to us.

If you have any queries, comments or would like a copy of this questionnaire in another format you can contact us by email, post or telephone. Our contact details are as follows:

Email address:

Telephone: 0300 126 3000

Postal address:

  • Draft Corporate Plan Consultation Response
  • North Northamptonshire Council
  • Sheerness House
  • Meadow Road
  • Kettering
  • NN16 8TL

This consultation will run from Monday 6 September to midnight on Sunday 3 October 2021.

Thank you for helping us by completing this questionnaire.

For information about how consultation and engagement responses are managed, please see the consultation and engagement privacy notice.

What happens next

All consultation feedback on the draft Corporate Plan will be analysed and considered and will help the Council make a final decision on the Corporate Plan, which is due to be considered for adopting in December 2021


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